Photographs (Collection 1):

Thank you everyone for all your donations, we now have a large collection, which continues to grow.   We are particularly grateful for two large contributions donated by David Lucas (Collection 1) and David Curtis (Collection 2), who live in Sturton-by-Stow. Our oldest family photograph is of Thomas and Mary Spencer outside their Bransby home in 1867, this special image was donated by their great, great, great grand daughter.

The images below are available as acrylic coasters:-

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CD's of the David Lucas "Exhibition & Collection" are available as follows:- (download product list).
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  Stow and Stow Minster - (57 Images)
David Lucas collection
    Agriculture and Trade - (56 Images)
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  School Days, and Local People
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    Transport, Wartime & Lost Property
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  Pubs, Clubs and Floods - (33 Images)
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    Activities - (42 Images)
David Lucas collection
  Old Buildings and Sites Spring 2011
(50 Images)   by Graeme Wade

1  Sturton Pond 1906:
  The little girl in this photograph is Dora Banks, who lived at Sturton Subscrition Mill, where her father William Banks was The Miller.   Dora's exploits in Sturton and Bransby are well documented in Dorothea Fable's book "Bransby Days" and SSHS leaflet titled "The Miller's Daughter".
2  Stow Minster c1910:   We have an increasing number of images for this magnificent Anglo-Saxon Church of St Marys.   This particular photograph is taken circa 1910, we believe around the same period that Stow Fair peaked as a horse market. 

3  Bransby 1867:   This photograph is our oldest family image.  It shows Thomas and Mary Spencer, in 1867, outside their Bransby home, known as "Home Farm".  They were Quakers and both of them are buried in The Friends Burial Ground in Sturton-by-Stow.

4  Stow Fair 1913:  Other than this image our knowledge of Stow Fair is sparse and we would welcome further information.  Whites Directory 1856 states that the fair was held by ancient charter each year on October 10th.   "Stow Memories" by Wendy Hedderick and Dr. Chris Turner, states in that it ended in 1920, following the end of the Great War.

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