Sturton School & WW 1:
On the 20th October 2014 the children of Sturton by Stow Primary School held a World War One Day and members of the history group went along to help out.  Miss. Jenna Elliott, a teacher at the school, was instrumental in organising the day as a conclusion of their history project which the children had been working on since returning to school in September.
Miss Elliott created a time-table so that each class was able to visit the Sturton by Stow War Memorial, attend a short workshop in the school hall to listen to Clive Thompson's description of what life was like for school children in the early 1900's, look at special artefacts relating to the war and ask any questions.
The history group members wanted the emphasis to be on the local impact of the war, to show the children how the village was affected during these years. Clive Thompson showed the children information about a Mr. Herbert Lilley who had lived in the village and who sadly lost his life in France, Clive asked the children whether they could find his name on the War Memorial when they later visited.  Herbert’s sister Kate was identified to the children on an early 20th century pupil’s photograph taken at Sturton’s first national 1878 School, and clearly illustrated how children were dressed just before commencement of war in 1914.
Mr Ron Smith of Sturton had kindly left his model WWI aeroplanes for the children to look at and discuss in detail and these held the older children's attention and created many detailed questions!
Mr. Richard Pullen of North Scarle, who is the Chair of The Friends of the Lincoln Tank Society, brought in model tanks which delighted the children as they watched them climb over make-shift trenches.  His collection of head wear was a definite hit with the children of all ages and definitely broke the ice even for the most shy of pupils.
Mrs. Jenny Garner provided several exhibits which included a large WW1 shell case, trench art pieces loaned by Mrs James, and a WW1 history of her Mrs.Garner’s family members with medals and photographs.
Subsequent activities were due to take place within each year group including the use of the horse during the war taking extracts from Michael Morpurgo's 'War Horse' and also what part the humble pigeon may have played. A school Poppy Memorial was going to be made later in the week.
An excellent day for all concerned and it was good to see the children's enthusiasm and obvious understanding of most parts of the day when they asked relevant questions about items on display and information shown on the boards.
Thanks to Richard Pullen, Jenny Garner, Jean James & Ron Smith.
History Society Members attending were Pauline Birkett, Sharron Banham and Clive Thompson, and they provided exhibits previously displayed at our July Open Day.

 Sturton & Stow 

War Memorial

1914 - 1918 
Sturton's Ned Revill 
2nd right middle row

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